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Sri Sri As I Know Him | English

Sri Sri As I Know Him | English

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An embodiment of love, Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is a rare combination of stillness and dance, silence and song, wisdom and humour. He lives his life with simplicity, effortlessness and joy. Knowledge flows, he sings with all his heart, dances in ecstacy, cooks and serves in the kitchen, plays with children, squirts water on the unsuspecting and pushes unpushed buttons with the glee of a child. Guru means ‘dispeller of darkness’. He has lit up the lives of more than 300 million people worldwide and steered them on the spiritual path. Every person feels at home with him- the village artisan, the student, the sceptic, the agnostic, the housewife, the corporate trainer, the national leader, the farmer and the fruit vendor on the street... Sri Sri As I Know Him is a book where people who have grown this movement open up about their personal experiences of and with Gurudev. Some anecdotes will make you laugh while others will moisten your eyes and your heart will want to burst with love for him. You’ll feel the familiar rush of gratitude with some and envy with others when you see him so personally involved in their lives. What this book conveys is the awe and the amazement, the joy and the laughter. One has to be there to experience it. For those who have experienced him, it will bring back the memories and help to relive it. For those whom this is the first...a journey begins.

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