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Love is not an Emotion | Hindi

Love is not an Emotion | Hindi

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Who has not wondered about that glorious and attractive emotion called LOVE? What is love? Is it the heady feeling that makes you smitten enough to blurt out inanities? Is it the quickening of your heartbeat when you see your soulmate? Is it the solid base on which relationships and marriage are founded? Here is the inimitable Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar telling you that love is not an emotion at all! It is so much more – it is your very existence! There is no life on Earth without it. The Earth feels it for the Sun and revolves around it, and the cells in your body feel the affinity to each other! So, love is the basis of everything in the universe. We all love to be in love, and love many things – animate and inanimate. This powerful and enigmatic feeling that has us all in its snare, is demystified and simplified – right from the smallest and meanest forms it takes, like anger, jealousy and hatred, to its purest form - devotion. While love is connected to the cosmos, it is just as connected to micro-organisms. With this unique matchless perspective, Gurudev brings a whole new meaning and depth to the attraction, pull, and magnetic force that is love. Love is not just the mushy feeling you have for another person, and the subsequent communication of your passion; and yet, it includes this and much more. The book explores love like never before - right from its origins to its forms to our thirst for, and response to it and more...

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