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Sri Sri Tattva

Desi Ghee, 500ml (Ceka Pack)

Desi Ghee, 500ml (Ceka Pack)

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Sri Sri Tattva Desi Ghee an aromatic and flavourful addition to your cooking, is a tasty source of healthy fat for your diet. Made hygienically, this Desi Ghee has the much preferred grainy texture and richness to make every meal a celebration.

A spoonful on your parathas or kneaded generously while making your laddoos, Desi Ghee will have you licking your fingers and wanting more! If you want to have more energy, it's a terrific complement to any diet. An essential food for all age groups, it aids in growth and development and all round nourishment. It is also known to induce good sleep!

    Use Before: 9 months from the date of Manufacture

    Net Weight: 500ml

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