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Bajra Atta 500g | Svaguna

Bajra Atta 500g | Svaguna

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Bajra known as pearl millet or bajari in Marathi or saje in Kannada or Sajjalu in Telugu is the most widely grown millet in the world since ages for its rich composition of minerals, fibre, iron, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and proteins.

According to Ayurveda bajra helps in absorption of nutrients and is gluten free as it doesn’t have protein called gluten. It helps to pacify pita and kapha dosha & is best suited for winter as it breaks down slowly and has body warming properties.

Our bajra atta is freshly ground in small batches from our natural bajra before packing thus ensuring our bajra atta is always fresh. Svaguna’s natural bajra is cultivated traditionally on our natural food forest in Madhya Pradesh that is free from any intervention farming practices. Bajra flour can be used as an alternative to wheat or rice flour in various dishes and is suited for people with gluten intolerance

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