Know your Child/Teen


The Art of Living presents

Know Your Teen

A Online special workshop for parents

Teens struggle with some unique challenges :
📍Self esteem and Body Image
📍Internet addiction
📍Peer pressure
📍Poor concentration and focus

Know your teen helps you to :
🎯Handle your child's transition to teen
🎯stay involved in your teens life
🎯Understand their unique needs
🎯Be your child's friend and guide
🎯Help them choose their career and accomplish their passion

⌚ When : 27th May

⏰ Time : 7-9pm

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A Online Special Workshop for Parents

🚨 Why my child spend so much time on gadgets?
🚨 Why my child back answer?
🚨 Why doesn't my child listen to me?
🚨 Why my child is so aggressive?
🚨 Why doesn't my child like to eat homemade food?
🚨 Why my child spend too much time watching TV?

Such questions are a big botheration for any responsible parent. The KYC workshop will shed light on the cause and remedy for these challenges parents face today.

The Art of Living's
Know Your Child workshop

This 2 hour workshop will help you to understand the various behaviour of the child, the root cause and effective methods to improve their behavioural patterns. It will help establish two-way communication & trust with your child.

Venue : Online Zoom

👉🏼 Date : 27th May

👉🏼 Time : 4-6pm

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