Vedanantaka Liniment - Pain Reliever, 60ml

Vedantaka Liniment is a unique herbal formulation that helps fight with all types of body aches quickly and effectively. A blend of potent classical medicated and plant based oils, this pain killer is most effective in soothing the common body aches, headaches, gout and joint pain.

Key Benefits

It provides relief in spondylitis, muscle spasm and aches
Also heals the problem of sprain and back ache
It soothes common body aches, headaches, gout and joint pain
Also alleviates arthritic pains
Gives relief in sports trauma
Treats gout and joint pain
How to Use

Massage gently on the skin over the affected areas, or as directed by a physician
Key Ingredients

Pinda taila
Dhanvantaram taila
Narayana taila

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