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Sri Sri Tattva

Triphala Churna - Good Digestion, 80g

Triphala Churna - Good Digestion, 80g

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Triphala Churna is an effective combination of 3 fruits. It acts as a very mild laxative, carminative and empowers the digestive system for easy digestion. It also balances the tridoshas. The 3 fruits in Triphala are- Haritaki that reduces Vata, Vibhitaki that reduces Kapha and Amalaki reduces pitta. It can be used in persistent Constipation, Piles, Fistula and Anorexia.

Key Benefits

It reduces the symptoms of asthma.
Also helps in improving digestion.
Heals the problem of piles and fistula.
It treats chronic ulcers and even arthritis.
Prevents signs of ageing.
Is good for the eyes and helps in treating eye diseases.
Acts as a bowel cleanser.
How to Use

Take 1 teaspoon every night before going to bed with warm milk or water.
Do not eat anything after taking Triphala churna.
Key Ingredients

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