Rock Sugar (Khadi Sahkar) 250gm | Actvefresh

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Actvefresh Mishri is the puriest form of the sugar which has various health benefits like Useful in cough: dhaga wali mishri has been used in various ayurvedic medicines and proved to be effective against cough. Take a medium sized piece of Dhaga mishri and keep it in your mouth and swallow its juice (do not chew it). It helps in soothing your throat and loosening the mucus. It is a simple natural home remedy of cough and because of its taste, this can be used for any age group either. Misri (candy sugar or rock sugar) is made from the solution of sugarcane (ganna) and the sap of Palmyra palm tree (Taad ka ped). It is made by pouring the solution of sugarcane into drums where threads are already placed and the solution is allowed to dry around the threads.
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