RiteBite Yogurt Berry Bar - Single

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  • POWER SNACK:    The deliciously healthy RiteBite Yogurt Berry bar lets you take a hearty bite off your cravings.

  • YOGURT BERRY BAR:  The sweet taste of cranberries and black currant mixed with the sour taste of yogurt and other delightful flavors will get you asking for more.
  • NUTRITION FOR SUSTAINED ENERGY:  Crafted with a blend of protein, fat, fiber, and carbohydrates to sustain active bodies.

  • NO PRESERVATIVES:  Savour guilt-free as it has no preservatives or added sugar.

  • ANYTIME INDULGENCE: Keep your Ritebite handy for your post-run, pre-workout energy boost, in-between meals, sitting in traffic, and on the go.


🌿 Unlock Wellness at Your Fingertips! 🌿