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Raw Peanuts 500g | Svanuga

Raw Peanuts 500g | Svanuga

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Anthropologist have found evidence to prove peanut cultivation dates back to 7000 plus years in the continent of South America (foothills of Andes in Bolivia and Peru). Today peanuts are grown across the world especially in tropical and sub-tropical regions with 50% of production coming from China and India, India is the second largest producer of peanut.

Peanut belongs to the genus Arachis species and are legumes even though they look similar to nuts, groundnut are rich in protein, vitamins, nutrients, minerals, anti-oxidants, etc and are considered amongst the best source of protein for people following vegan diet. Even in Ayurveda peanut it has special place as it assists in reducing pitta and can be consumed in various forms like oil, butter, sauce, spice, in vegetables, sweets, curries, snacks, etc.

Svaguna’s peanut comes from our natural food forest Vivavan situated at Amarwara in Chhindwara district of Madhya Pradesh. We cultivate desi peanuts that are deep pink in colour, sweet in taste and rich in nutrients and oil. Svaguna’s natural peanut is free of chemicals, fertilizers, insecticides, herbicides, GMO, etc and is amongst the best available in the market as it retains the real taste and flavour.

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