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Popped Rajgira 100g | Svaguna

Popped Rajgira 100g | Svaguna

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Amaranthus is a short lived perennial plant that can grow across the seven continents, there are multiple species which depending on the colour of the root, flower, stem cultivated across the world.  Mostly the leaves are consumed as stir-fry, steamed, in form of curry or soups, etc for their health benefits and flavourful taste across the global, in some parts the grains are also consumed.   Amaranth name is derived from the Greek word that means unfading flower and in India it is called rajgira meaning  royal grain.  It has been around since over 7000 years but with it being rediscovered for it health benefits in last couple decades especially the grain for it high nutrient value, it is called the wonder grain.   Reason for being named wonder grain is that it is rich in calcium, iron, amino acids, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and only grain that contains Vitamin C.

Svaguna’s popped rajgira is popped in iron skillets as they are naturally non toxic, non stick and are able to distribute heat evenly ensuring all seeds are popped well.  Our rajgira is sourced from our natural food forest Vivavan in Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh where they are grown as inter-crop amongst our fruit trees.  It is best to eat rajgira popped and popped rajgira can be had as a snack or made into snack bars or sweets or added over vegetable dishes, salads or soups or as porridge.

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