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Sri Sri Tattva

Orange & Tulasi Soap - Cleanses,Freshens & Detoxifies Body, 100g

Orange & Tulasi Soap - Cleanses,Freshens & Detoxifies Body, 100g

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The perfect combination of Fruit and Herbs, now in a soap! Extracts of Orange peel and Tulsi are specially formulated to impart day long freshness and a youthful & gleaming skin. Its anti-bacterial and moisturising properties help in cleansing and preventing dryness of the skin.

Key Benefits

It is antibacterial and imparts full day freshness.
Helps in cleansing and prevents dryness of the skin, also detoxifies the skin.
Orange has numerous health and skin care benefits.
The nutrients in it help to fight against diseases.
Is a good healer and has moisturizing effects.
Regular use of this soap makes the skin glowing and healthy.
How to Use

Wet your face and body.
Apply the soap generously on your body.
Work it to form a lather.
Rinse it with water.
Key Ingredients

Sodium Palmate,
Sodium Palm Kernelate,
Titanium Dioxide,
Glycerin, Disodium EDTA,
Tulsi Extract,
Orange Extract,
Perfume, Color Index: (C.I No. 12740 & C.I No. 12150).

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