Neeri by Aimil Pharmaceuticals India Ltd - 30 tablets

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NEERI  is a comprehensive, herbo-mix formulation having different vital herbs in synergistic concentrations and combinations. Apart from flushing the urinary calculi of moderate size and eradicating the urinary infections, it prevents their recurrence, which is the major problem faced by the practitioners as well as the patients. Neeri exerts anti-microbial & alkalizer properties, exhibits balanced diuresis which eases the propulsion of urinary calculi and helps in calculus disintegration. Neeri reduces complications in prostatic enlargement by improving the tonicity of the urinary bladder. Neeri also exerts provides anti-oxidant & rejuvenating activities thereby acting as nephroprotective.


  1. Exerts anti urolithic action
  2. Normalizes urinary pH
  3. Exerts diuretic action
  4. Exerts Antimicrobial action
  5. Acts as Anti-inflammatory
  6. Tones urinary system
  7. Acts as Nephroprotective


  1. Urinary Calculi
  2. Recurrent Urinary Calculi
  3. Non-specific UTI’S
  4. Burning micturition
  5. Benign Prostate Hypertrophy
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