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Natural Rock Salt, 500g

Natural Rock Salt, 500g

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These beautiful pink crystals of Natural Sendha Namak or Natural Rock Salt are sourced from the banks of the Jhelum river in Punjab. Packed with minerals and natural goodness, this salt helps maintain PH levels and replenish elctrolytes in your body. It is low in sodium and is ideally suited for managing blood pressure and weight loss.
Know Your Salt
Unprocessed, raw and devoid of chemicals, our Natural Sendha Namak is an ideal additive in your culinary delights. Ayurveda uses Sendha Namak to treat mineral deficiencies, digestive disorders, colds, and to keep blood pressure under control. Sendha namak is known as the healthiests salt for eating and helps flush toxins from the body. Apart from eating it, you can add it in your toothpaste for healthy teeth, or dissolve it in hot water and soak your limbs to be
relieved of joints pains.

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