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Sri Sri Tattva

Mamatva Granules - Lactation, 250g

Mamatva Granules - Lactation, 250g

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Lactation period is one of the vital periods in a women's life and getting fed with mother's milk is the only source of nutrition and development which forms the very basis of life for a new born child till its digestive system strengthens and grows to digest tougher foods. Decreased lactation and feeding would affect the nutrition and immunity in kids. Keeping in view both mother's and Child Health, Sri Sri Tattva Mamatva Granules has been formulated in a delicious granulated form to serve the very purpose, it has been intended for.

Key Benefits

Useful in Post natal disorder & general debility in women and also useful as Lactogogue.
How to Use

Dosage: 1 to 2 teaspoons twice or thrice daily preferably with milk or as prescribed by the physician.
Key Ingredients
Vidari Kanda
Shuddha Gairika
Shankha Bhasma

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