Malai Cream Soap - Relaxes, Refreshes & Rejuvenates, 100g

Enjoy the benefits of Milk Cream, now in a soap! Sri Sri Tattva’ Malai Cream Soap is rich in milk cream which adds glow to your skin. The natural ingredients gently permeate the skin pores and remove dirt and grime, keeping your skin moisturised and soft. Sri Sri Tattva’ Malai Cream Soap brings a radiance that makes your skin shine all day.

Key Benefits

Soap has numerous health and skincare benefits as it also removes the dead skin layer.
Is a good healer and has moisturizing effects.
The cream penetrates the skin pores and removes dirt and grime.
Prevents chapping, dryness, and rashes.
Regular use of this soap makes skin shine and healthy.
How to Use

Wet your face and body.
Apply the soap generously on your body.
Work it to form a lather.
Rinse it with water.
Key Ingredients

Sodium Palmate
Sodium Palm Kernelate
Titanium Dioxide
Disodium EDTA
Milk Cream

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