Lavender Dhoop Sticks, 50 g

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Sri Sri Tattva Premium Lavendar Incense Sticks offer subtle, natural Lavendar aromas to enhance spiritual experiences. The 30 Dhoop Batti / Sticks are composed of natural ingredients & essential oils, creating a long-lasting scent. Enjoy the spirituality of rituals with eco-friendly, 50g incense. Ensure use in a well ventilated area, with an incense stand & fireproof surface, away from flammable objects & children.

Key Benefits

  • Eco-friendly
  • Long-lasting aroma
  • Natural ingredients

How to use

  • Light the coated tip of the incense stick. Once the tip catches fire, gently put out the flame.

Key Ingredients 

  • Premium Lavendar  Extract

Net Weight : 50 g , 30 Dhoop Batti / Sticks

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