Gulab Jal Premium Rose Water, 100ml

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Feel fresh with every spray of Sri Sri Tattva Gulab Jal (Rose Water). Boosted with the richness of rose extract, Gulab Jal acts as a natural skin toner and also makes your skin soft. It is a natural cleanser that adds glow to your skin. Spray Sri Sri Tattva Gulab Jal to give a fresh touch up to your skin.

Key Benefits

Cleansing: It gently cleanses the skin and gives a sparkling glow.
Moisturizing: Moisturizes your skin, removes dryness, dullness and provides a soft touch.
Toning: Gulab Jal is a very good toner for skin, which helps in tightening the skin.
Refreshing: The goodness of rose helps in relaxing the tired skin.
How to use

Mist directly on the face and then wipe it off gently with cotton.
Spray it on cotton and then wipe the face gently.
Mix it in face pack and apply.
Key Ingredients

Rose Extract

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