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Celebrating Love | English

Celebrating Love | English

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Love is the underlying reason for all conflicts. Greed, jeaolousy, anger or fear- are all distorted forms of love. If you want to know how to turn these negative emotions into a more positive expression of love. Find your answers between the pages of Celebrating Love.

All positive emotions are a manifestations of love and the negative one a distortion of love. In 1995, Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar began a weekly tradition of creating a short knowledge sheet for people seeking inspiration, wisdom or solutions to their challenges. Each week this knowledge flowed to every continent. On September 5th, 2002, Gurudev distributed his last weekly knowledge sheet. During these seven years the hearts and minds of millions were blessed with the wisdom of this extraordinary man. ‘Celebrating Silence’ compiled the wisdom of the first five years while ‘Celebrating Love’ collects those of the last two years, including some notes that had been left out of "Celebrating Silence." Gurudev once said, "In the presence of your Satguru, knowledge flourishes, sorrow diminishes, and without any reason, joy wells up and all talents manifest." Today these notes continue to cause the same experiences, and when someone seeking wisdom or advice randomly opens a volume they often find exactly what they require - as if the paradigm of time and separateness was replaced by a timeless continuum of caring and intelligent consciousness . Like "Celebrating Silence," this collection is thematic rather than chronological. The first chapter helps us understand the more concrete issues that we deal with, and want to change such as worry, anger and violence, as well as those things we want to culture such as love and dispassion. The second chapter, building on the first, teaches us what it means to be on a spiritual path, discussing service, surrender, human values and having a spiritual guide. The third chapter is the culmination, with wisdom for understanding God, our relationship with Him, and with our inner Self - that which we sincerely seek, often without knowing, leading us to celebrate in love.

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