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Sri Sri Tattva

Ashwagandhadi Tablet Vata Rogas 60Tabs | Sri Sri Tattva

Ashwagandhadi Tablet Vata Rogas 60Tabs | Sri Sri Tattva

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Ashwagandhadi is a unique herbal combination, having aphrodisiac and geriatric properties. It is used in the treatment of shukra kshaya and also to treat Vata rogas.

Key Benefits

Immune system: Sri Sri Tattva Ashwagandadhi much useful for the human immunity. It is a health tonic for the body that is enabled to fight the diseases in an effective manner.
Energizes the joints: Sri Sri Tattva Ashwagandadhi is much helpful for the joints that are empowered to great extent.
Reduces fatigue: Taking Sri Sri Tattva Ashwagandadhi enables to reduce fatigue.
Blood flow: Sri Sri Tattva Ashwagandadhi helps to manage the flow of blood to all the body parts in an even manner. It improves blood circulation. Blood pressure is also regulated with its apt use.
Rheumatic pains: It acts as a pain killer and helps to control painful sensations because of rheumatic problems.
Vata Dosha: It is useful to control problems related to Vata.
Removes impurities: It acts as a blood cleanser and removes the toxins for purifying the blood in even manners.
Emaciation: Sri Sri Tattva Ashwagandadhi is useful to control this problem.
How to Use

Dosage: 2 tablets thrice a day or as prescribed by the physician.
Key Ingredients


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