Vasu Healthcare, with its rich culture and deeply rooted legacy since 1980, was established with one precise aim to serve the society by introducing quality herbal & ayurvedic products that add value to everyone's life. The journey that we embarked 40 years ago with the help of a rich herbal and ayurvedic knowledge base has led us to greater heights and milestones of excellence. And we will continue to bring the miraculous byproducts of this vast ayurvedic sea of knowledge combined with cutting-edge technologies in medical science.

Our sheer dedication towards herbal and ayurvedic research to develop the best products for the people is now growing globally with a presence in over 50 countries. Ayurveda has many hidden gems that serve humanity. We take extreme pride in extracting that knowledge to manufacture highly effective ayurvedic medicines and herbal cosmetic products. Over the years, we researched & developed more than 200 products that help people to cure & improvise their health.

Over the years, we have set up various dedicated research center –   Vasu Research Center  equipped with the latest & advanced infrastructure. Our dedication and hard work have helped us earn love from all our stakeholders, along with 30+ prestigious awards in the field. One of the special moments was to receive the award for the category of   Quality Herbal Products from DR. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam.

Basis on the principles of Ayurveda, "Vasu Healthcare" offers a composite package of not only cure, but prevention as well, without any side effects, just the right effects only.

Trichup Capsules by Vasu - 60 cap
Vasu Rs. 360.00
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