Raj Herbal & Healthcare is a leading manufacturer and supplier of quality HERBAL EXTRACTS. An exclusive manufacturing facility and dedicated raw materials supplier network makes us the one-stop-shop for all your requirements of Dry Extracts, Oils Soluble, Liquid Extract, Cosmetic Complex, herbal raw material and other plant derivatives from India.

Today, we rank amongst the largest manufacturers of Standardized Herbal Extracts in the country catering to the bulk requirements of giant Pharmaceutical Companies, Traditional Ayurvedic Manufacturers & Individual practitioners simultaneously. To ensure continued compliance with the requirements we have designed and implemented comprehensive systems for Quality Assurance, incorporating Good Manufacturing Practice and Quality Control.

Today Raj Herbal & Healthcare sells more than 250 Standardized Herbal Extracts covering various segments which include medicinal, health supplements and cosmeceuticals. We have earned an image of a quality supplier in the international market.

Raj Herbal & Healthcare recently installed a state of the art dedicated facility equipped with the latest technology for solvent extraction of Natural Herbs with a capacity of 2 tons per day for processing various medicinal plants.

Raj Herbal & Healthcare is committed to manufacture and export superlative quality herbal extracts. At the core of our success are fanatic research and world-class technology.

We work with health care professionals and other key partners to increase access of quality products to humanity so that people get the care they need. We constantly strive to enhance and improve our products through ongoing research and development. Rigorous testing of the raw materials is undertaken at our hi-tech lab to ensure that only the best quality herbs and additives are being utilized for production.

The special features of our products can be categorized as:

1. Pure and natural
2. Organic
3. Healthy option
4. Use pure water
5. Standardized extract accompanied by a Certificate of Analysis
6. Ready to use easy to store, carry, handle and formulate

Kanchankaya Churan by Raj Herbal - 200gms
Raj Herbals Rs. 1,000.00
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