Phondaghat Pharmacy is one of the leading procurers of honey. We source the best products from various locations across India. We are also a reputed manufacturer of ayurvedic products. Our range of products includes 100% Natural and Pure Honey – Multi-floral, Wild Berry, Jamun, Litchi, Kashmir Gulkand Murabbas – Amla and Bael Squashes – Litchi, Malta, Guava, Burans, Amla Ginger, and Bael. Rose Water Candies – Amla, Bael, and Khatta Meetha Vinegar – Apple Cider Vinegar, Jamun Cider Vinegar and more… Our products are manufactured using natural ingredients in the most hygienic way and without compromising on the quality.

Since 1952 at Phondaghat Pharmacy, we believe in nature’s nourishment and bring to you products that are wholesome, pure, and 100% natural. Supplement a balanced diet with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that work towards creating a healthy eco-system for your body to truly reach its highest potential. Make the most of nature’s abundance with Phondaghat Pharmacy’s product basket made with care, and packed with love. Our resolve is to create affordable products which nurture and strengthen the body. From honey to healthy juices, we believe that the answers to all our problems and peace is right where we forget to look- at mother nature’s feet. Let’s go back to nature; let’s go back into the heart.

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