Gavyadhar Organic Pvt. Ltd.   was established in 2014 with a very noble and dedicated cause to make Indian agriculture chemical free, to rehome gomata and to make healthy organic food available to the masses. We intend to reverse the lifestyle of people to the consumption of naturally grown food instead of the illness-causing chemical-grown food which floods the markets.

Organic farming is a sustainable model of agriculture which keeps both the environment and mankind healthy. Our initiative hopes to help farmers who have been struggling with the ever-growing need of fertilizers and insecticides by farmlands.

Sharvansingh Rao (a leading industrialist & businessman, social & political worker, Gobhakt, developer) is the owner and promoter of the company.

He is deeply attached with this issue and has been a key office bearer for a revolutionary creative program ran by an NGO to promote cow centric economic development of villages. He is very keen to stop go-vadh, improve farm health by adopting chemical free practice of farming, control ecological environmental balance and enrich human health sustainably.

Go Earth Organic's Vision

Sustainable efforts to make agriculture chemical free, economically viable, ecologically enriched, using natural bio fertilizers, bio pesticides, non GMO & hybrid seeds. Thus, improving farm life, farmer life and human life.

Go Earth Organic's Mission

To improve annual income of farmer in agriculture and gopalan, to cut medical bill on human health by providing trustworthy, hygienic, chemical free food products, to improve environment, increase bio-diversity consisting of indigenous Flora & Fauna.

Turmeric Powder- 250gms by Go Earth
Go Earth Organic Rs. 97.00
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Roasted Flax Seed- 250gms by Go Earth
Go Earth Organic Rs. 110.00
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Organic Ginger Powder- 100gms by Go Earth
Go Earth Organic Rs. 95.00
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