About Actvebody

We are A Lifestyle Support Brand

Actvebody is an online wellness store that offers high-quality Ayurvedic medicines, personal and home care products. We see ourselves not only as an online retailer but as a lifestyle support brand. Our company was founded with a vision to enhance the personal lifestyle and overall well-being of our customers. 

Millions across the world have realized that tackling the growing physical and mental ailments are becoming a major challenge. Actvebody wants to address this concern by ensuring last-mile delivery of 100% natural products to every corner of India. 

How it Got Activated!

Actvebody was founded by Suni S Kanwarjanil, an entrepreneur with 20+ of experience in the Ready-made garments manufacturing and import-export industry. From the last 5 years, he has shifted his entrepreneurial focus to the health and lifestyle industry. Being a spiritual person, meditator and follower of the Ayurvedic way of life for many years, Sunil realized the importance of these practices. He benefited from following the ancient lifestyle practices propagated by Ayurveda and thereupon took it as his mission to spread it across the world. Sunil is also a Craniosacral Therapist, an alternative healing technique.

He started Actvebody by setting up a medium-sized Ayurvedic medicine store in Borivali, Mumbai. Along with Ayurvedic medicines he offered Ayurveda doctor consultations. Soon a bouquet of organic grocery items, personal and home care, Yoga and meditation products were added to the store. Focusing on quality and maintaining a personal relationship with customers helped him get success right at the beginning. Within a few months, both his customer base and sales grew at a phenomenal rate. 

Happy Customers = Happy Entrepreneurs

For Sunil, more than the higher sales it was the customers benefiting through his products and services that gave satisfaction to him. The phenomenal growth within a span of a few months inspired him to expand his business and he eventually decided to take his store online. This led to the inception of Actvebody.com - India’s smartest online wellness store. 

Actvebody offers products ranging from Ayurvedic medicines, yoga accessories, organic groceries, dry fruits, health supplements, wisdom books, pooja samagri, personal and home care items. Our products are of rich quality and aimed at promoting the overall health and happiness of our customers. Actvebody offerings include products from 15+ leading multinational and domestic brands like Sri Sri Tattva, Himalaya, Shankara and Dabur. Some of our natural personal care products are sourced exclusively from the remotest corners of India and these offer effective remedies to common health problems.

Actvebody also provides online doctor consultations with a Nadi Pariksha or Pulse Diagnostic expert. The ancient diagnostic method is proving to be a revolutionary treatment approach for many modern day ailments. Customers can call us and book an appointment to consult our experienced Pulse Diagnosis Specialist - Dr Santosh Kadam. He has over 30 years of clinical experience and for the last 16 years, has been using pulse diagnosis to treat health issues in patients with the help of herbs, dietary suggestions, detoxification techniques and mindfulness practices.

The Future Roadmap

Actvebody wants to become a one-stop solution for people to come and enhance their lifestyle and overall quality of life. Our focus is on adding value to the lives of our customers by educating them about the best lifestyle practices to follow. The right food practices, consistent sleeping patterns and listening to one’s body are common practices that we promote to our customers. Even our products and services are aligned to support in implementing these lifestyle practices.

Actvebody wants families living in the remotest corners of India to have access to affordable and high-quality Ayurvedic and personal care products. Through our online platform, people from far-off areas can now access products and services that were available for the exclusive urban population. Our team’s immense knowledge of ancient Ayurvedic Sciences and decades of business experience is what will make this possible. 

The knowledge of ancient lifestyle practices should benefit all and that is what we are working towards every single day. We plan to expand our business footprint to serve the global community. Actvebody will continue to gradually increase the products and services it offers to its customers. We strive to make personal well-being a common practice around the world. We plan to promote more alternative health care modalities like Craniosacral Therapy, Bach Flower Remedies, and Acupressure that are emerging and powerful diagnostic and treatment practices. 

We want our motto of ‘Stay Healthy, Stay Happy’ to echo at the distant corners of the world!