A remarkable legacy, long associated with Ayurveda and credibility.
1. Our roots are deeply ingrained in the traditional medicinal science.
2. We offer finest quality herbal and nutraceutical products.
3. Our products are designed using the restorative power of Ayurveda.
4. Our products are GMP and ISO certified.
5. We have been felicitated with 42+ awards.
6. We export our products to 30+ countries.

Purely Ayurvedic
Our products are as pure as your body, since they contain ingredients that are carefully selected from nature.

Harmless to Health - The innocence of natural elements make our products harmless to your health.

Effective Relief - The healing capacity of Ayurvedic components can relieve you from stomach pain.

Kayam Churna, 50g
Sheth Bros Rs. 50.00
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Kayam Churna by Sheth Bros - 100g
Sheth Bros Rs. 90.00
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